Space guru // Tuning into our environments

Years ago, when I was recently divorced, I was going through memorabilia and I came across an old letter from my former husband. The letter itself was loving, and yet what surfaced were some very complex feelings. As I read it, I recalled when it had been written; during a challenging time in our relationship. I let the feelings rise to the surface, muttered some things and went to return the letter where I found it.  

At the time, I was no stranger to the symbolism of objects. I had been a feng shui practitioner for a number of years. And yet, here I was, about to file away a painful letter into a spot that I reserved for happy reflections of my life. I had a moment of conscious awareness and asked myself two things: Would this letter ever represent anything positive to me again? Since the answer was no, I then asked myself if I was ready to let go of the negativity that the letter now represented. With new found excitement, I walked over to the garbage can, tore the letter up and threw it away.  

That moment was a turning point for me. It not only represented my willingness to move forward and release the past, it represented how much our belongings and surroundings could potentially hold us back. Each of our possessions has its own energy associated with it. This energy is based on a number of things, but one of the strongest is how we feel about the object. Our feelings about something we own or something we are surrounded by are a major influence on our life. Some people are consciously aware of that and others are simply sub-consciously affected by it, but either way it makes an impact.

Every object has its story. The story may contain details about the objects’ history, how or where it was made, how it came into your life, what has occurred since and how you feel about it.  For some objects in our home, the story is simple; “I bought that chair because it was on sale,” or “I picked up that table at a garage sale.”  

Some objects, however, have a very complex story loaded with emotion; “That antique trunk is a family heirloom that my grandfather brought when he came to America. It represents freedom and I plan on giving it to my son, if he survives this illness” or “My mom bought me that lamp and it’s not my style, but I can’t get rid of it or she’ll be angry and we already have a strained relationship!”

Most belongings fall somewhere in between these two extremes. In this place in between, we can learn a lot about ourselves. Our space is a reflection of our life. If we can learn to listen to the messages that our homes have for us, we can have a very effective tool in our personal and spiritual growth. Each object has something to say and can tell us a little something about our self; our likes, dislikes, feelings, resentments, goals and obstacles. If we learn to listen to these objects, we can start to feature the ones that represent important aspects of our life and release the belongings that are no longer serving our highest good.  When we hang onto an object that has negativity associated to it, for example, it is like hanging on to the negativity itself.

I’ll never forget the tremendous freedom I felt the moment I released that old letter. It began a process of releasing many other things, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I continue that process on a regular basis. Our life is fluid and “things”, whether in the form of physical matter or thoughts, need to be evaluated often for their relevance in your current life. My invitation to you is to start being more conscious of what you are surrounded by and ask yourself if those things are supporting you in a positive way.  If not, are you ready to release not only the object, but the story that accompanies it?  

Susan Shehata, also known as the Space Guru, assists clients in transforming the space around and the space within, through feng shui, music, holistic healing and spiritual coaching. She is the co-owner of Sacred Rearrangements, 2207 Lyndale Ave. S., services and resources for Lifestyle Transformation. Her radio show, Raising the Consciousness inspires global change through individual action by providing simple solutions for conscious living. Susan’s mission is to use her voice as a vocalist, writer, speaker and healer to assist in personal and global transformation.