Letters to the editor

Support Lake Harriet play area

Help! Parents needed.

The city, after 38 years, is finally replacing the playgrounds at William Berry, near the band shell at Lake Harriet and Beard’s Plaisance. There have been a few community meetings so far. Unfortunately not many people have shown up and most of them are older individuals that live across the street from Beard’s. These individuals have made it clear they have no concern for children and really do not want any improvements to our parks. One man at the last meeting even suggested they should shut down the whole project and reallocate the money to something else.

We need parents to step up and show support so that we can out vote these people and get safe, exciting playgrounds for our children and grandchildren.

Victoria, Linden Hills


Applause for columnist Pamela Nettleton

Right on Pamela Nettleton! This city needs to step up on snow removal. Rybak gets an F in my opinion for his smart-aleck comment — too many parked cars.

Solve that problem you folks sitting in city hall offices. Ms. Nettleton is right.

Why would businesses want to be here when workers, customers cannot safely get to shop, work or school.

How about having to climb 6-foot mountains to get to the sidewalk! Ridiculous — this is Minnesota after all, it snows here.  

Kris Prince


Praise for Cassellius

What a wonderful choice Governor Mark Dayton has  made in appointing Dr. Brenda Cassellius to lead the Department of Education.  

Dr. Cassellius was an assistant principal at Washburn when I was first elected to the City Council.  She was assigned to work with Washburn neighbors, students and me to address complaints about parking and other activities in the neighborhood. Dr. Cassellius took action to solve the problems to the benefit of students and the neighborhood. She was smart, diligent and hard working.  

Any Southwest resident who has worked with Dr. Cassellius knows the Department of Education is in good hands.

Scott Benson, Former Ward 11 City Council Membe
r, Linden Hills