Letters to the editor

Vote for Anderson Kelliher

The stakes in the 2010 Minnesota Governor’s race could not be higher this primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

DFL-endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher provides a sharp contrast to the divisive course set by Tim Pawlenty and the Republicans. The eight year Pawlenty legacy of cutting education, health care, hospitals, nursing homes, and public transportation, while driving property taxes ever higher cannot be sustained. It is time for the bold, new leadership that Speaker Anderson Kelliher has shown — the ability to get the job done, with toughness leavened by inclusiveness and civility.

We chair our chambers’ transit committees and have worked diligently to develop a comprehensive transportation system in our region. Three times we passed a visionary transportation bill, only to be vetoed by Pawlenty — even in the aftermath of the I-35W bridge collapse.

It was Margaret’s leadership that brought together Republicans and Democrats, labor and business, urban and rural, local and state leaders, to overcome the Governor’s veto. Minnesota now has $6 billion to invest in crumbling bridges, farm to market county roads, and a robust transit system — a boost to growing jobs in Minnesota.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, raising two kids attending public schools, being a hockey mom, Margaret can uniquely connect with Minnesotans.

Margaret has an inspiring grassroots campaign, fueled by hundreds of volunteers. Hers is the only campaign personally reaching thousands of voters. We encourage you to cast your vote for Margaret Anderson Kelliher in the primary on Aug. 10.

Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL-60) and Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-60B)


Skeptical about plug-ins

I noticed the article on plug-in electric cars in the most recent edition of the Southwest Journal.

You might also be interested in an article in the July 2010 edition of Scientific American. This article shows that operating a plug-in electric car in the upper Midwest actually results in a worse carbon footprint than a regular or hybrid car.  The worsening results from the fact that most of the upper Midwest’s electricity results from burning coal (a very dirty fuel).  

The article points out that the same situation does not apply in, for example, the  Pacific Northwest, where electricity is derived mostly cleaner sources.

Robert Hunter, Fulton


Thanks for the traffic light

Thanks to the City of Minneapolis for installing a blinking yellow light and new crosswalk at 49th and Upton.

The block is abuzz with how safe this crossing now is.

Formerly, drivers speeding down Upton rarely stopped, if even slowed, for pedestrians in this crosswalk. However, after some requests from residents, the city deemed the intersection in need of an upgrade, and now, hopefully, residents and students from nearby Lake Harriet School have a much safer place to cross.

To whomever at the City carried out this request, please accept a heartfelt thanks from Upton residents.

Jason Walker, Fulton