Letters to the editor

More needed on the Bourn fined story

I am writing the Southwest Journal to point out that the article “Panel Fines Bourn …” did not tell the whole story regarding the complaint filed by Park Board candidate Meg Forney against Brad Bourn who won the election.  It failed to quote the State Judicial Panel’s conclusion, which is the other half of the story.

Forney, the runner-up, was attempting to prove that she lost the Park Board’s District 6 seat because of Bourn’s “false endorsements.”

The panel, however, recognized the validity of Brad Bourn’s other endorsements, including the Minneapolis DFL endorsement, and that he had campaigned hard.  It did not determine that Bourn’s false claim of endorsements by Sen. Scott Dibble and Rep. Frank Hornstein caused Forney to lose the election.

The Judicial Panel stated that it was “unable to conclude that Forney would have been elected had Bourn not claimed the false endorsements. The evidence at the hearing demonstrated that Bourn campaigned for the seat for many months and received the endorsement of the Minneapolis DFL as well as that of other prominent organizations and individuals. Likewise, the Panel is not convinced by Forney’s contention that the effect of the false endorsements was somehow compounded by the use of instant run-off voting in this election.”

Yes, Bourn was fined, but the rest of the story was that Forney was unable to   convince the Panel that Bourn was to blame for her loss.

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of Park Watch


Runners: Stay off the bike paths

Now that it is warm out and everyone is out enjoying the lakes, I want to remind those self-absorbed (typically baby boomers) joggers to stay off the bike paths.

The bike paths serve a broad variety of users from bikers, to skateboarders, to inline skaters, all going a various speeds. Adding joggers to the mix is not only illegal, it’s dangerous.  

There are plenty of places to jog around the lakes. Let’s at least keep the bike path jogger free.

Dean E. Carlson
East Harriet


A poetic thank you

Thank you dear editor, dear editor dear, for including my poem with the poetry of this year.

It fits so nicely there, if I do say so myself, alongside a hibernating bear, deep diving blue whales, and, of course, Danny DeVito’s thick, back hair!

So again, I say thank you, dear editor dear, and I hope that your spring is full of cheer!

Alex Theoharides
Linden Hills