Letters to the editor

Call for spring poetry

“Oh to be in England, now that spring is there!” gushed Robert Browning.  Actually he said, “Oh to be in England/now that April’s there…”  I’m sure he would have said the same about Minnesota had he been a Twins fan.

This is good, since our Spring Poetry Project issue will appear in April, which, as you, I and Browning know, is National Poetry Month. 

The deadline for submissions is March 15 — the Ides. Please send your best work to me at wilhide@skypoints.com. If you know people who write poetry, please spread the word. You can find out more at wilhide.com/site.

Doug Wilhide
Southwest Journal,
contributing poetry editor


Props for parks coverage

 Thank you for your article about the Park Board’s 6-3 vote to initiate a search for a new superintendent. Hopefully, this time the search will result in a superintendent that truly understands that one of his responsibilities is to protect our parks and parkland and not allow event centers, hydro-power plants, stadiums and multiple concession stands to be built on them. 

We are stuck with DeLaSalle, but had it not been for an alert citizenry and coverage by your publication, our parks might also have been stuck with event centers at Parade and Lake Calhoun, a power plant at Mill Ruins Park and a second concession building on the shoreline of Lake Harriet.

Thank you for keeping a keen eye on Park Board business.

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of Park Watch


Support Southwest’s small businesses

Drove past the Shoppe Local store at 50th & Bryant the other day. Saw the mounds of snow and tight parallel parking spots and thought, “Eh, I’ll walk over and check it out when the weather gets nicer.”

I thought it could wait for me. How self-serving.

A fire ripped through the businesses at 50th & Bryant and took out Shoppe Local and its neighboring stores and restaurants.

Homegrown stores and restaurants. Whether it’s a freak blaze or the smoldering economy that does them in, homegrown businesses might not be there when we’re ready.

Recently, the Star Tribune featured an article about the 3/50 Project created by Minnesota-based retail consultant, Cinda Baxter. Baxter asks each of us to fuel our local economy by redirecting some of our spending back into independent businesses. Every month, we should spend $50 at three locally owned stores, she suggested.

If we want stores to remain, or rebuild in a community, we gotta shop there. Snow drifts, tight parking and all.

Julie Fulton