Heartbroken over 50th & Bryant blaze

We are mourning with and for the owners and patrons of the 50th & Bryant businesses. When I talked to the Fire Chief, I expressed appreciation for the firefighters who worked hard to contain the blaze and keep people safe. The two firefighters who were injured get our special thanks, and while it is regrettable they were hurt at all I am glad they didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

This corner has been at the heart of our community for generations, and the current occupants ­Blackbird, Heidi’s, Patina, Shoppe Local and Stacey Johnson Jewelry Design, as well as the Malt Shop next door, are each special and treasured places owned by special and treasured people.  

Mayor Rybak and I are already working with the city’s Community Development Department to offer what resources we can to the businesses at the site as they determine their future. Options will be guided, in part, by the final determination of the structural status of the building but this will be a priority for both of us.

We will also work with the neighbors and the neighborhood to make sure their experience is as manageable as possible moving forward. I have talked with Christopher Dark, president of the Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association, and we will work together and with the Mayor’s office to keep up communications among the city, the business community, the neighborhood organization, neighbors and the wider community. Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman, Sen. Kelash and Rep. Thissen (as well as Sen. Dibble and Rep. Hornstein, whose districts start across the street) have also been part of the conversation moving forward, and we all are committed to a positive future for 50th & Bryant.

There are no good words for the sadness of these losses. Please contact with me with any questions at betsy.hodges@ci.minneapolis.mn.us, or 673-2213.

City Council Member Betsy Hodges represents the city’s 13th Ward.