Get involved

We know there are a lot of organizations in our community right now in need of financial and moral support. We featured a story on Intermedia Arts’ financial plight in our Dec. 29–Jan. 11 edition. The nonprofit recently held a town hall meeting that drew more than 100 people interested in making sure Intermedia Arts and other small- and mid-sized arts organizations aren’t casualties of the recession. The community arts organization has recently launched a fundraising campaign that calls on people to donate $10 and encourage 10 other people they know to do the same. More information can be found at

We want to be able to connect readers with other opportunities to make a difference in Southwest — whether it’s through a volunteer opportunity or a fundraising campaign for a community group in Southwest.

So if you know of a worthy cause Journal readers should know about, please e-mail Journal editor Sarah McKenzie at [email protected]. We will feature these opportunities in our Focus section.