Letters to the editor: Lyndale remains a hassle

After years of wrangling and delays, Lyndale Avenue is now narrower and peppered with four-way stops. I didn’t live in the city when the decision was made but can now attest to its unintended consequences. Instead of dealing with the increased congestion on Lyndale, drivers are continuing to use side streets like Aldrich and Harriet. And I don’t blame them for doing so.

Drivers still need to drive, and with the only major thoroughfare that runs straight from Downtown to the south suburbs now restricted, they’ll find other options. No number of yard signs or traffic cones in the neighborhood will stop it.

We all want safer streets and communities. But next time a project like this is proposed, we need to remember that attempts at "traffic calming" usually backfire — you can’t just hassle people out of the need to get to businesses and homes.

Bryan Cole