Letters to the editor: Remembering Tom Broder

It was saddening to learn of Tom Broder’s recent passing. I was a regular at his place even before I moved into the neighborhood. It was indeed because of the Penn & 50th establishment that I landed in the neighborhood.

It was the inadvertent reason that I found my house. I’d taken a break from the tedium of looking for just the right house, which I guess was the best way to achieve that goal. Anyway, I was going over to Broders’ for a slice, drove down Xerxes, and saw a for-sale-by-owner sign. I bought the place the next day; and, another slice.

That’s a neighborhood story. Here’s a more far-off one — but in a sense, still close to home. In 1989, I was traveling on a Coast Guard icebreaker deep in Antarctic waters. It was an official Antarctic Treaty inspection voyage tooling around with a cadre of government functionaries. One was from the State Department. We became friends straightaway.

When he learned that I was from Minneapolis he quickly asked if I knew of Broders’. Ubetcha! Turned out he was Tom’s cousin and he knew all about Tom’s achievement. He said that the whole family was proud of it. It’s good to hear that the family will be staying Tom’s course.

Stuart Klipper