Calling the poets of summer

The look in her eyes said more than the words coming out of her mouth. She was an attractive young woman who had just graduated and was in congratulatory mode — praising the old guy who had finished teaching his last graduate class and was now “moving on.”

“You’re going to write poetry,” she said. “That’s so great!” she said. You’re through, she was thinking. Out of the game.
No longer part of life’s energy grid. Irrelevant. Poetry? I mean, c’mon.

Some of us don’t see it that way. Some of us think writing poetry does, actually, contribute to life’s energy and is, actually, at least as valid a way to spend time as commuting to and from cubicles. Some of us are older, some younger and many of us are in what Aristotle called our “prime ” — perfectly balanced between wisdom and action.

If you live in (or near) the Southwest area and write poetry please send your best work to me. Soon. The deadline for our summer poetry spread is June 23 for publication in
mid-July. Send poems to [email protected].

Keep writing.

Doug Wilhide is the contributing poetry editor and poet laureate of Linden Hills.