Green news

Climate change grants

The city is offering several grants for organizations that are working to combat global warming. Twenty–30 Grassroots Climate Change Micro-Grants will be awarded, at up to $1,500 each. The deadline to apply is March 20. Five–seven Climate Change Innovations Grants of up to $10,000 each will also be given to qualified applicants with a March 24 deadline.

Neighborhoods, businesses, religious organizations, nonprofits, libraries and any public organizations that serve Minneapolis residents are invited to apply for the nonmatching funds. Candidates must submit plans for how they propose to use the money to reduce global warming. Visit to download an application.

Last year, the city awarded grants totaling thousands of dollars to organizations committed to climate control. Minneapolis is considered one of the greenest cities in the country, according to Popular Science magazine.

Linden Hills organics collection coming soon

Roughly 50 Linden Hills residents attended a community meeting Feb. 20 to learn how to become compost captains for their blocks when the neighborhood’s organics collection program begins in April.

The volunteers would help their neighbors learn which trash — food scraps, pizza boxes, lawn clippings, paper and more — can be recycled in new organics bins distributed by the city next month.

Linden Hills was chosen as the site for the pilot program due to the city’s expectancy that many residents would participate. The bins would be collected at the curb bimonthly, just like the current procedure for recyclables, and taken to a compost facility in the suburbs. If the pilot program goes well, city officials would consider expanding organics collection throughout Minneapolis.

Residents in Linden Hills should receive letters asking for their participation in March.

City residents who don’t live in the neighborhood and feel left out of the organics initiative can take matters into their own hands with a new deal on compost bins offered by Hennepin County. Through a partnership with several local shops, the county is selling backyard composting containers made of recyclable plastic for $35 each. The bins are 13 cubic feet with sturdy lids and two harvesting doors, available on a first-come-first serve basis on Wednesday evenings at Bachman’s on 60th & Lyndale. The deal begins April 23 with a limit of one bin per household.

City mailing out new schedules for recycling collection

Minneapolis residents will soon be receiving new schedules that detail when recycling collection will occur throughout the year in their mailboxes. The calendars include information about what trash can be recycled and how it should be prepared for pickup. Currently, 80 percent of households in the city participate in the program, resulting in 23,000 tons of recyclables like glass, aluminum and paper being collected each year.

Bikes needed

Wellstone International High School’s Bike Club at 1006 W. Lake St. is looking for used-bike donations. The group’s mission is to introduce men and women of all cultures to the joys of cycling by teaching them how to ride and maintain their bikes. Those who complete the program are given their own bikes and encouraged to use them as primary modes of transportation.

Bikes of any condition, or bike parts, are accepted, and the organization is willing to make home pickups. All donations are tax-deductible. Call Jeff at 668-3872 or e-mail at [email protected] for more information.

Contact Mary O’Regan at [email protected] or 436-5088.