• #MplsWishList
    #MplsWishList: Share your dreams for the city
  • My Minneapolis // Jim Walsh

    Jim Walsh writes a column for every issue of the SWJ. He’s a veteran scribe, musician and a lifelong resident of the East Harriet neighborhood.

  • Carla Waldemar // Dining Columnist

    Carla Waldemar is an award-winning food/travel/arts writer who co-edited the former Twin Cities Reader, then served as food editor for Better Homes and Gardens and senior editor of Cuisine magazines. She edits the annual Zagat Survey of Twin Cities restaurants and contributes food and travel articles to local and national publications.

  • Sustainability in the City
    Sustainability in the City is a new monthly column by Craig Wilson and Melissa Rappaport Schifman of Sustology, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm, featuring Minneapolis-based business owners' views and efforts on sustainability. If you would like to be considered for future articles, please contact Craig Wilson at Craig.Wilson@sustology.com.
  • Downtown Council update // Steve Cramer
    Steve Cramer is the CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council/Downtown Improvement District.
  • The Historyapolis Project // Kirsten Delegard
    Kirsten Delegard is director of the Historyapolis Project, which is part of the history department at Augsburg College. The Historyapolis Project seeks to bring fresh attention to the history of Minneapolis and is working to unearth stories that can explain how the city took shape. During 2014, Delegard is compiling an inventory of historical resources pertinent to Minneapolis with the help of a team of students and citizen-researchers associated with the Historyapolis Lab. For more details visit our website at www.historyapolis.com. This project has been made possible by the Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which is administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • Ask Dr. Rachel // Rachel Allyn
    Dr. Rachel Allyn is a licensed psychologist in private practice. Learn more about her unique style of therapy at www.DrRachelAllyn.com. Email her questions to Rachel@DrRachelAllyn.com.
  • Loft Living // Carissa Tobin
    Carissa Jean Tobin lives in a condo in Northeast Minneapolis with her husband. Her hobbies include creating humorous surveys for friends, lounging at the Wilde Roast Café, and administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to interested family members, friends, and strangers. She teaches kindergarten in North Minneapolis.
  • Weekend Tourist // Linda Koutsky

    The Weekend Tourist is about fun weekend excursions in the Twin Cities. From great parks to shopping destinations, she provides great tips on fun places to explore in our backyard.

  • Home // Monica Nilsson
    Monica Nilsson is an advocate for children, teens, their parents and single adults who are at risk of losing their home or are now homeless. Contact her for conversation at St Stephen’s Human Services, mnilsson@ststephensmpls.org or 481-9501.
  • Ask the Veterinarian
    A Q&A column from veterinarians at Westgate Pet Clinic in Linden Hills. (www.westgatepetclinicmn.com)
  • Uncensored Civics // David Brauer
    David Brauer is a former Journal editor who lives in Kingfield, where he chaired the neighborhood association and farmers market boards. Find him on Twitter @dbrauer.
  • Everyday Gardener // Meleah Maynard

    Meleah is a longtime journalist and garden writer. She is out with a new book, co-authored with Jeff Gillman: "Decoding Gardening Advice: The Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations."