DFL snubbed women in Park Board endorsements

As a long time observer of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB), I am concerned about the possible outcome of the Park Board election in November. The DFL slate endorsed at the DFL endorsing convention is, with two exceptions, an all-male slate.

Currently there are five women on the nine-member Park Board.

But at the DFL endorsing convention in July, 5th District incumbent Steffanie Musich was the only woman endorsed by the DFL. It was shocking that the DFL failed to endorse incumbents Liz Wielinski and Meg Forney, both experienced and highly qualified candidates. Liz also was a co-founder in 2004 of the influential ad-hoc group Park Watch. She will be retiring the end of the year as will be Anita Tabb and Annie Young.

So those voting the DFL slate will be voting for a MPRB with only one woman on it. It is surprising that the DFL has endorsed a male dominated slate without any regard for gender diversity.

Because of the DFL’s snubbing of women, Meg is running at-large without the DFL endorsement and so is LaTrisha Vetaw. Meg, LaTrisha and Steffanie are all endorsed by Women Winning.

I am hoping that Minneapolis voters will recognize the DFL’s failure to provide voters with a gender balanced slate and will vote with gender diversity in mind for the three qualified women candidates, Steffanie, LaTrisha and Meg.


Arlene Fried, co-founder of Park Watch

Bryn Mawr

  • Critic

    Stop trying to erase the gender identities of the DFL-endorsed slate. They are not all men (and I’m not talking about Steffanie).

  • peacekimi

    I agree with Arlene. The Democratic platform wants all voices to be heard. Most women are proud of their gender and accomplishments . I assume you are talking about the non binary candidate; who too should have a voice.

    Meg is the only current PB commissioner running for re-election who voted NO on giving OUR park property away for development and potential environmental armageddon for the chain of lakes (SWLRT). She has my vote. I have not heard any other PB at large candidate state they would do the same. In fact one candidate said he would not discuss how he would vote on issues.

    #1- Meg #2 & #3 still waiting for answers
    Park District 4 – Tom Nordyke

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