Linden Crossing will be good for Linden Hills

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August 7, 2014
By: Edward Crandall
Edward Crandall

In response to the letter from Karen Boothe Acharya about the Linden Crossing project I felt so moved to write a rebuttal.  I have lived on Linden Hills Boulevard nearly my entire life.  

I went to school in Linden Hills and I've spent a lifetime shopping in the business district of Linden Hills.  I supported Mark Dwyer's original proposal and I support the current request for a conditional use permit.  Linden Hills is of course a wonderful neighborhood and this project will only enhance it.  

Mark has respectfully requested a change that will make the project financially feasable.   Without this change he would have to drastically reduce the quality of the project or not build it at all.  To say this project will increase crime is outright silly.  These are expensive condos with on site parking for both residents and retail.  To ask Council Member Abdi Warsame to compare this development to the situation in Ethiopia is downright disrespectful.  Mr Dwyer has reduced the size of his original proposal by nearly one half.  His requested fourth floor is fully set back so as to have little or no visual impact.  City planning is fully aware of setting prescedents, and they have no desire to let one development set a precident for future development.  I for one hope this development will spur even further updates of the business node in Linden Hills.  I live here and I love it!

Edward Crandall