Edina still has issues with teardowns

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March 18, 2014

I lived in ECCO for 15 years where I restored a 100 year old house.  I know live in Edina owning a 1950's rambler that the city of Edina feels should be replaced with a McMansion.  As much as I am not a fan of these new homes the biggest problem as you have mentioned is the lack of respect that the people working on these houses have for the community.   Build it like you live next door is a great comment that is often not the case in Minneapolis or Edina. 

The city manager of Edina likes to present a city that has development under control which is farthest from reality.  Besides violating various city codes regarding illegal parking and bringing in industrial sized trucks contractors have no problems with blocking school buses or driveways.  Just this morning I called the Edina police (again) about a construction vehicle parked next to a permanent no parking sign.  The city refuses to tag illegal activity on the streets which just leads to continuing complaints and contractors who don't really care what they do because there is no financial risk in other words there needs to be zero tolerance with consequences.

I just received my 2014 property tax statement and my property assessment went up 16 percent probably because of all the new developments and this will happen in Minneapolis as well.  How is this going to effect fixed income and lower income people?  I can tell you the city manager of Edina does not care.  There needs to be a more detailed study of the short and long term impact of all these tear down redevelopment not just financial but on the health and safety of the communities effected.

David Frenkel