Everyday Gardener

Meleah is a longtime journalist and garden writer. She is out with a new book, co-authored with Jeff Gillman: "Decoding Gardening Advice: The Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations."

Aug 06, 2015

You know me: I often write about the prevalence of bad gardening advice so, hey, here I go again. This time, let’s talk about how often we gardeners hear stuff that’s either dangerous, or stupid or both. Got a tree stump you need to remove? “Pour gasoline on it,” I’ve heard more than one gardener advise. PLEASE don’t do that. Need to get rid of moles? “Stuff Juicy Fruit chewing gum in their holes,” advise ill-informed people who believe the story that the gum, lord knows how many sticks, will cause intestinal blockage. It won’t, but even if it did, don’t do this either.


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