SW LRT Updates

Judge denies quick ruling in SWLRT lawsuit
Aug 05, 2015

While expressing concern that the Southwest Light Rail Transit Project’s momentum could make an ongoing environmental review essentially “meaningless,” a federal judge on Tuesday denied a motion for a quick ruling in one of the lawsuits against the Metropolitan Council over project.

Met Council approves slimmed-down SWLRT project
Jul 08, 2015

The Metropolitan Council on Wednesday afternoon voted to approve a Southwest Light Rail Transit project slimmed down in both budget and scope.

Cities agree to $250 million in Southwest light rail cuts
Jul 01, 2015

Members of a key Southwest Light Rail Transit project committee agreed Wednesday to a package of cuts that will shave more than $250 million off its nearly $2-billion price tag.

Committee debates light rail cuts in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis
Jun 24, 2015

A group of community leaders continued to focus on several stations in Eden Prairie as it neared a July deadline for finalizing cuts to the nearly $2-billion Southwest Light Rail Transit project.

Concerns about hazardous materials in light rail corridor raised
Jun 19, 2015

LOWRY HILL ­— Neighbors of the Kenilworth Corridor aired concerns about tanker trains hauling hazardous material alongside the Southwest Light Rail line both during and after construction at a public hearing at Dunwoody College of Technology Thursday evening.

Cities home in on light rail cuts
Jun 04, 2015

The five cities along the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit line began to home in Wednesday on the cuts it will take to reduce the project’s budget by roughly $341 million.

Long-awaited report on light rail impacts released
May 21, 2015

The Federal Transit Administration released a long-awaited report on the potential environmental impacts of the Southwest Light Rail Transit project Thursday morning.

A menu of cuts proposed for SWLRT’s budget diet
May 20, 2015

Metropolitan Council staff on Tuesday released a mix-and-match menu of options for cutting at least $341 million from the cost of the Southwest Light Rail Transit project.

Met Council seeks to slash price of $2-billion light rail project
May 06, 2015

The Southwest Light Rail Transit project’s charge toward $2 billion has local policymakers twirling their budget lassos.

Will the Southwest LRT trains ever arrive?
May 04, 2015

The team working on the beleaguered Southwest Light Rail Transit project is facing challenging decisions as it confronts a ballooning budget nearing $2 billion.