Calhoun Square opens the doors to dogs

Pups can enter common areas and select stores. Photo courtesy of Sidewalk Dog Media
Pups can enter common areas and select stores. Photo courtesy of Sidewalk Dog Media

Dogs are now welcome inside Calhoun Square’s common areas during normal business hours.

Stores with Sidewalk Dog stickers in the window welcome dogs as well, explained Tizzie Allen of Sidewalk Dog Media, which partnered on the initiative. Dog-walking hours are 6 a.m.-10 a.m. daily.

“This is very unique,” Allen said.

She said Rosedale Center allows dog-walking before the mall is open, but as of June 1, Calhoun Square became the first local mall to allow dogs in at all times.

“We hope more malls will follow suit,” she said.

When the Calhoun Square team heard about Rosedale’s dog-walking, they instantly wanted to adopt the idea for Uptown, said Nicole LaVere, assistant property manager.

Some shopkeepers already bring their dogs to work, she said.

They have commissioned a “dog house” where patrons can recycle plastic bags for dog owners to grab. Calhoun Square may also consider dog rescue events in the future.

Photo courtesy of Sidewalk Dog Media
Photo courtesy of Sidewalk Dog Media
  • Jonathan Improves

    I like dogs, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to deal with them in public spaces when I’m just trying to shop and get home.

    Case in point: the uptown Target allows dogs and I’m almost done going there because of it. Piddle on the floor, dogs jumping up on you when you try to just get down the aisle, and the worst is seeing the dogs licking the produce. The fact is, there’s just too many dog owners with no common sense bringing their mentally-disabled-from-living-in-a-small-apartment-dogs into the store. It’s unclean and annoying.

    The dogs don’t want to be in Calhoun square, it’s their owners wanting attention.

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