Linden Hills

It's bound on the north by 36th Street West and Lake Calhoun, on the east by William Berry Drive and Lake Harriet, on the south by 47th Street West, and on the west by France Avenue, which is the city limit.
The neighborhood, named by the developer for the linden trees and rolling terrain, was developed in the 1880s to entice homebuyers to leave downtown for cottages on Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. Most of the original cottages have been replaced by large bungalows and Tudors. The Lake Harriet-Como Streetcar ("Trolley") line runs through the neighborhood.
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Crime Reports
4200 block of Washburn Ave. S.
Dec 20, 2012 , overnight
A woman left her garage door open. Someone came inside overnight and took loose change from her vehicle.
West Lake Harriet Parkway/42nd Street
Sep 30, 2012 ,
A 29-year-old St. Paul woman parked her vehicle near the Lake Harriet Band Shell and went for a 90-minute run around the Chain of Lakes. When she returned, she discovered that her window had been smashed and someone had broken into her locked glove compartment and taken her cell phone and wallet. The suspect not only used her debit card, but also replied to about 10 Craigslist ads for male-for-male sex. In those replies, he gave out a different cell phone number.
4419 France Ave. S.
Oct 12, 2012 ,
A suspect stuffed five candy bars and four bags of snacks into his clothing and left the Marathon gas station without paying.
2700 block W. 43 St.
Nov 09, 2012 ,
About $3,400 cash and $50 worth of European currency were taken in a burglary of a residence. The front door apparently was pried open with a screwdriver, which was left at the scene.
4900 block of France Avenue South
Nov 23, 2012 ,
Items were stolen from the vehicle of a 23-year-old woman while it was parked in a parking garage. An unknown suspect broke the passenger window and stole items, including her wallet. Credit card purchases and an attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM were made soon after.
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