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Crime Reports
2800 block of James Avenue South
Jan 18, 2013 , 7:30 a.m. to noon
While two men were away from their apartment at work, someone broke in via their back kitchen door and stole unlisted item(s).
2800 block of James Avenue South
Jan 18, 2013 , All day and into Jan. 19
A 31-year-old man parked his vehicle on the street and left it there for a day. During that time, an unknown suspect tried to steal the car, but was unable to finish the job. The car stereo was removed.
2400 block of Irving Avenue South
Aug 30, 2012 ,
Someone stole the gate from a woman’s fence, using tools to remove the bolts.
Irving Avenue and Lake Street
Dec 20, 2012 , 3:30 p.m.
A 36-year-old St. Louis Park man was driving west on Lake Street when he was flagged down by a suspect at 5th Avenue. The suspect asked for a ride to the Irving Avenue intersection, and he also asked for cigarette money. When the two arrived at Irving Avenue, the driver got out of his vehicle to urinate. While he was doing so, the suspect drove off with his car.
2808 Hennepin Ave. S.
Nov 09, 2012 ,
Someone took 33 keys out of women’s lockers in the YMCA. Staff members don’t know how the suspect got the keys out of their locks, because a keycard is needed to remove them. It didn’t appear that anything had been taken from the lockers.
East Isles
Nov 24, 2012 ,
A 26-year-old woman parked her car and went for a jog for one hour. When she returned to her car, the passenger window was broken and her backpack stolen from inside the car.
25th 1/2 & Hennepin
Nov 23, 2012 ,
Three suspects attempted to rob a 29-year-old woman. They tried to forcibly grab her purse, but the victim refused them. She was not harmed.
2200 block of Hennepin Avenue South
Nov 22, 2012 ,
An unknown suspect broke the glass front door of a business and gained entry. Functioning cameras in the business have a suspect on tape.
2700 block of Hennepin Avenue South
Nov 20, 2012 ,
A 26-year-old woman parked her car at a takeout restaurant. While inside, someone broke into her passenger window and stole her purse and iPad, which were both covered on the passenger seat. Her purse was later recovered, but charges were already made to her credit card at a nearby gas station.
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