Minneapolis mayoral candidates 
 (Note: This list includes the eight most active candidates in the mayor's race. For a list of all 35 candidates, click here
Mark Andrew 

Andrew has a diverse background in public service and the private sector. Most recently he’s been an environmental entrepreneur with GreenMark, a company he founded in 2007.  Before launching GreenMark, Andrew was a senior vice president at Tunheim Partners, a strategic communications firm — a job that followed a lengthy tenure on the Hennepin County Board. He served as a county commissioner for 16 years — from 1982-1999 — and was elected chair of the board four times. (Journals' profile on Mark Andrew) 
Neighborhood: Lynnhurst
Party: DFL
Current job: Head of GreenMark; owner of a French fries and s'mores stand at Minnesota State Fair 
Government experience: Former Hennepin County commissioner
Top priorities: Tackle achievement gap; make Minneapolis the greenest city in America and accelerate development and job growth throughout the city
 Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
His pitch: Andrew bills himself as an innovative entrepreneur with a strong leadership record in the public and private sectors 
Website: markandrewforminneapolis.com Facebook: facebook.com/markforminneapolis Twitter: @MarkforMpls 

Jackie Cherryhomes

Jackie (Parker) Cherryhomes-Tyler has managed a business for 11 years that helps small businesses navigate government approval processes for various projects. Before that she served as president of the Minneapolis City Council from 1990 to 2002. She is a lifelong Minneapolis resident and lives in North Minneapolis with her husband F. Clayton Tyler and daughter. (Journals' profile on Jackie Cherryhomes

Neighborhood: Homeward (Willard Hay) 
Party: DFL 
Current job: Founder of Cherryhomes-Tyler Inc., a consulting business 
Government experience: Former City Council member (and City Council president) 
Top priorities: public safety, maximizing the value of public services for taxpayers and job creation
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
Her pitch: She has experience as a community organizer, leading the city as City Council president and launching her own business
Website: jackiecherryhomesformayor.com/team/ Facebook: facebook.com/cherryhomesformayor 
Twitter: @cherryhomesmpls
Dan Cohen is a former City Council president, Planning Commissioner, Charter Commissioner and author. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School. After serving two terms on the City Council in the late '60s and early '70s, he moved to D.C. with his family to serve as special assistant to the director of the Peace Corps. 
(Journals' profile on Cohen)
Neighborhood: Bryn Mawr 
Party: independent
Current job: Writer, planning commissioner, horse owner 
Government experience Former City Council member (and City Council president), serves on charter and planning commissions 
Top priorities: seeing a new casino built downtown 
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
His pitch: Believes he can spark job growth and make downtown more vibrant by advocating for a new downtown casino.
Website: dancohenformayor.com Facebook: facebook.com/dancohenformayor 
Bob Fine
Bob Fine is a longtime Park Board commissioner and lifelong Linden Hills resident. Besides serving five terms on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, he has worked as a lawyer and manager in commercial real estate. He has also coached youth sports for nearly four decades. 
Neighborhood: Linden Hills 
Party: DFL 
Current job: Park Board commissioner, real estate attorney and real estate management 
Government experience: Has served on the Park Board for 16 years, the Board of Estimate and Taxation for 16 years 
Top priorities: audit city departments to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely; reduce property taxes without harming police and fire departments; and make the city more business friendly 
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
His pitch: Fine points to his wide variety of public service work and career as a real estate attorney as key assets in his ability to lead the city. 
Website: fineformayor.com   Facebook: facebook.com/fineformayor  Twitter:@fineformayor
Dan Cohen
Betsy Hodges

Betsy Hodges has served on the City Council for eight years, representing the city's 13th Ward. She serves as chair of the city's budget committee. She points to her work reforming the city's closed pensions for firefighters and police officers as a major accomplishment to help get the city's fiscal house in order.(Journals' profile on Betsy Hodges)

Neighborhood: Linden Hills
Party: DFL 
Current job: City Council member (Ward 13)
Government experience: Before being elected to the Council, Hodges worked as an aide for Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman
Top priorities: Reduce the city's racial disparities, improve transit options and keep the city's fiscal house in order  
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
Her pitch: She credits her work on the Council with helping Minneapolis fare better in the recession other cities. 
Website: betsyhodges.org  Facebook: facebook.com/betsyhodgesformayor Twitter: @betsyhodges
Don Samuels
Don Samuels is former secretary of Jordan Area Community Council, Juvenile Guardian ad Litem volunteer, founder of PEACE Foundation (now the Northside Achievement Zone), also founded the African American Economic Development Committee and the Institute for Authentic Dialogue on race. He was first elected to the City Council in 2003. He immigrated to the United States in 1970 to study industrial design. 
(Journals' profile on Samuels)
Neighborhood: Jordan
Party: DFL 
Current job: City Council member (5th Ward)
Government experience: Has served on City Council since 2003 
Top priorities: Close the racial gaps in education, housing and employment
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
His pitch: Samuels has said he's the best candidate to address the city's racial disparities because he's the most in touch with the city's poverty problem and crime issues. 
Website: samuelsformayor.com  Facebook: facebook.com/donsamuelsformayor  Twitter: @don_samuels
Cam Winton

Cam Winton works for a wind turbine maintenance company that has become a leading provider of services for wind farms in the country and abroad. If elected his top priorities would be investing in core city services, such as public safety and public infrastructure, streamlining the city's regulatory processes to make it easier for businesses to operate in the city and education reform. 

(Journals' profile on Winton

Neighborhood: Fulton
Party: independent 
Current job: Senior counsel for Duke Energy; specializes in wind power 
Government experience :Worked on Sam Katz's Philadelphia mayoral campaign 
Top priorities: Focusing city resources on the basics: boosting road paving and hiring more cops
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
His pitch: Winton often says he'd bring "fresh eyes" to the City Hall and isn't beholden to the interests of the city's DFL party
Website: wintonformayor.org   Facebook: facebook.com/wintonformayor  Twitter: @cam_winton
Stephanie Woodruff

Stephanie Woodruff is a DFL candidate, but recently was endorsed by the Independence Party. She serves as vice chair of the city's new Audit Committe. She is an executive at recruiting and staffing company Search Leaders and part owner of AverQ, a California-based company that develops auditing software. 

(Journals' profile on Woodruff)

Neighborhood: Whittier
Party: DFL 
Current job: corporate governance software owner/executive and finance/accounting recruiter 
Government experience:  Vice chair of city's Audit Committee
Top priorities: Work on the city's achievement gap; focus on the basics of city government; make city government more transparent
Fundraising total: Available Sept. 3
Her pitch: Woodruff says she would "people before politics" and "people before projects." 
Website: woodruffmplsmayor.com   Facebook: facebook.com/woodruff.minneapolis.mayor   Twitter: @swoodruffmpls